Write an email asking for clarifications from the client

Odds are, your email will be read on a phone, as are over 50 percent of emails.

Email clarifying misunderstanding

In two weeks? Own your confusion. Imagine you are the Oscar Wilde of email. Thus, messages that offer nothing but a question like "What do you think about X? I would love to ask you a few questions about how you financed your first film. Could you please provide more details? Does it need a response now? They act like they are those passengers by using their names. Odds are, your email will be read on a phone, as are over 50 percent of emails. The CEO wants to see this wrapped up by the end of the week.

This is one of the greatest things I've ever done in my life! Have a listen: I got it. Thank you for sending along the details regarding the project timeline.

Now I understand. Let us know what has worked for you for clarification emails in the comments area below. Examples of Asking for Clarification There are all kinds of situations where you might need to ask clarifying questions.

Offer thanks After the person clarifies themselves, you can let them know that you now understand and are thankful. She should leave her changes as suggestions.

email asking for explanation

To put it another way,… Of course, there are many ways to ask for or offer clarification, but we hope these examples help. This could be read as offensive and possibly damage your professional relationship with the recipient.

how to write an email asking for information

Do they want to do a phone call? Admitting you need more information makes the next step much easier for the person you ask. Be the best writer in the office. Thanks for clarifying.

further clarification email
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Clarification Emails: Structure and Phrases