Visiting my grandparents in russia

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On this day we celebrate the victory in the World War II. My grandparents enjoyed this tradition and I could tell they missed it in the US. He was very strong man but unfortunately I know him only from pictures. I was helping the master up there to install it.

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I would work with my grandpa in the fields everyday, acquiring his personality and outlook on nature and life. People often tell me that I have a green thumb, for I can grow plants well. He started working there. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Now both my grandfather Bronislaw and grandmother Mykhaylyna are in their late70 th. I promise you if you catch this time you will make a lot of great pictures. My grandpa valued all life except for those pesky potato beetles and did his part to help. But still the nature tries to brighten up our life and add some colors. At those times the decease was non-curable Roman's brother Theodore Gawdyda emigrated to th US in and his offsprings live in Ohio now. My grandparents lived on a dacha a small farmhouse in a small village in the middle of the forest, and I would help them manage the farm the couple months I was there for. Mechyshchiv had one of very old Polish colonies. That year in , 21 persons from Trostyanets' emigrated to the US. Mykhaylyna's mother, Roman Gawdyda's wife was also from Zakhariy family. Living with my grandpa away from the city life I am used to, I developed a new perspective on living things. The coat of arms of this Polish family was a black cross with a white crow sitting on it.

The Moscow government starts decorating all the city in early December, everything is shining with lights and almost everywhere you will find the main attribute — a Christmas tree.

That is why I place winter on the first place.

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Upon arriving at Home Depot, I felt somewhat lost. People often tell me that I have a green thumb, for I can grow plants well. Yet, he still lives in me.

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He was wounded at his leg in Italy and was transferred to hospital in Vienna, from windows of which he saw the burial of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I have spent also half year of my life in Austria, living in Mittersill at the Schloss.

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Visiting my grandparents in russia