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For example, water follows ions via an osmotic gradient, so mechanisms that alter sodium levels or sodium retention in the renal system will alter water retention levels as well. Provided by: Wikibooks.

The afferent arteriole is slightly wider than the efferent arteriole — which causes an increased blood pressure within the glomerulus. Other animals: Fresh water fish and amphibians live in hypotonic environment.

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Many hormones involved in homeostasis will alter the permeability of these tubules to change the amount of water that is retained by the body. Filtration: Filtration occurs in the cortex of the kidney. Urethra The female and male renal system are very similar, differing only in the length of the urethra.

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Functions of the kidney: Excretion: the main function of the kidney is to filter the blood taking out waste products producing urine.

The liquid that results after filtration is called the filtrate — it contains wastes as well as useful substances that need to be reabsorbed.

Outline of the urinary system

The nephrons are made up of a capsule capillaries the glomerulus and a small renal tube. Provided by: Boundless. Urethra The female and male renal system are very similar, differing only in the length of the urethra. Seawater is about mOsm. Excretion: the getting rid of the waste products of metabolism. Provided by: Wikibooks. Nephrons are the main functional component inside the parenchyma of the kidneys, which filter blood to remove urea, a waste product formed by the oxidation of proteins, as well as ions like potassium and sodium. Ureter Urine passes from the renal tube through tubes called ureters and into the bladder.

The renal system organs include the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. The respiratory and cardiovascular systems have certain functions that overlap with renal system functions. Reabsorption: Useful substances such as glucose and amino acids in the glomerular filtrate pass back into the bloodstream.

Many of these functions are related to one another as well.

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Chapter Human Urinary System