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Traditionally, dhows from the Far East, China, Sri Lanka, and India would discharge their cargo and the goods would be bargained over in the souks adjacent to the docks. And why not! The U. When it comes to moving your career forward in a young city like Dubai, where trust and relationships matter as much as reputation, building a strong professional network is vital. If you're seeking some sun, sand, and sea, Jumeirah Beach lies about 15 minutes by car from Burj Khalifa and is also a popular base for tourists. From pulsating nightclubs to rooftop parties at ocean-facing hotels, Dubai is the ultimate place to be after dark. Hotels are strung out all along its length, with this being one of the most popular places to stay for tourists.

And why not! Great care was taken to use the same materials as those used when originally built during the renovation such as mud, hay, sandalwood and palm fronds.

The message is clear — drugs will not be tolerated.

dubai tourism facts

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai The beach has excellent facilities, with plenty of sun loungers, restaurants, and water sports operators offering jet skiing.

The ambition and appetite for growth that allowed the destination to reach its current position means there is no shortage of prospects for driven professionals. Hult News5 years ago 0 5 min read Dubai is proving more attractive than ever to travelers from around the world. Established gallery names such as the Green Art Gallery, The Third Line, and the Ayyam Gallery have made their home here, while a host of smaller gallery start-ups have also moved in.

Dubai has become a must visit for on every tourists list, a hotspot for holidays because of its luxurious lifestyle, the glitz and the glamour.

Dubai tourism statistics 2018

DSS offers fun, entertainment, food deals and great offers on shopping. The Dubai Opera hosts a year-round program of famous musical theater productions, concerts by world-class musicians, opera, ballet, and classical music, as well as smaller productions, comedy nights, and concerts. The purpose of building this museum was to protect Dubai Creek and defend it. For those without unlimited credit, the way to experience the over-the-top opulence is to go for dinner at the underwater Al-Mahara restaurant, where floor-to-ceiling glass panels in the dining room walls allow you to view sea life while you eat, or you can enjoy lunch at California-style fusion restaurant Scape. There are ice-skating rinks, cinema zones, and gaming zones. Further information: Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates No special immunizations are required, but tourists are encouraged to purchase appropriate medical insurance before travelling. In this spirit of travel, we set out to explore the tourism scene in Dubai and chanced upon some fascinating facts. The waterslide action here is excellent and world-class, with the Aquaconda, the world's longest water slide; a nine-story-tall slide, aptly named the Leap of Faith; and water coaster rides. Hotels are strung out all along its length, with this being one of the most popular places to stay for tourists. The Sharia Mosque is an old mosque built in the early 19th century using the same building materials and consists of a large prayer hall, a court and courtyard, minaret and other utility rooms. An important stop-off on the migration routes, it's a prime place to spot flamingos in winter when massive flocks of these majestic pink birds wade through the lagoons, backdropped by soaring high-rises. This guided tour takes you by coach to the main attractions, including Jumeirah Mosque, Bastakiya the old quarter , the Spice Souq, Deira Gold Souq, and more. Want to target the millenials and Gen Z-ers as part of your social media strategy?

Not content with constructing the world's largest buildings and malls, Dubai has created the world's largest flower garden, spanning 2, square meters and home to a reputed million flowers.

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Tourism in Dubai