Thesis about k to 12 curriculum in the philippines essay

The teacher would not be able to give the best quality of education to a number of 60 students for the whole day.

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GMA news. He said: Once we are assured that there are no longer classrooms under the trees, then we are ready to have a 12 — year basic education cycle.


In technical fields, you might be slow but you will learn as you go along. Said buildings were constructed under the direct control and supervision of the club members. We need more schools, not more years in school. Why not teach your kids on how to learn entrepreneurship, start his own business rather than looking for a job. In addition, most high school graduates are not yet reaching the legal age of As a result, they will be equipped. Briones said she understands the opposition of some families who consider the program an additional burden with the extra years of high school. Masilang debunked the misconception among conservative groups that sexuality education was just about sex, and said that children would also learn the science of reproduction, physical care and hygiene and puberty. And through this teachers will find it easily to execute the lesson well with the better understanding of the pupils. If this K plan would push through, help the concerned parties have that optimism that this would bring our education system a few notches higher. However, if this program will be fully materialized, Filipino graduates of basic education become highly comparable and competent as with their other Asian and global counterparts. Do you think that the k to 12 program is more productive in school?

However, if this program will be fully materialized, Filipino graduates of basic education become highly comparable and competent as with their other Asian and global counterparts. DepEd adolescent reproductive health focal person Rosalie Masilang said children at this age are most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, stressing the need for them to understand that they have the right to refuse attempts to take advantage of their youth.

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Since the law was passed in , the government has gradually implemented it and made the necessary preparations. One cannot be thoroughly prepared in 10 or 12 years of education. Education is controversial. Suspend K to 12? Why did I think so? Education Secretary Armin Luistro earlier said that over 30, new classrooms are needed once the K to 12 program, which will add two years to high school, is fully implemented by I have to appreciate the guidance given by my father and friends whom guided and encouraged me to not lose hope on finishing this task. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Villanueva, Rhodina. This study was anchored on the point of view and theories of the following well-known authorities which are closely relevant to the researchers study. The lack of facilities or classrooms and teachers is the main problem in education ever since the world begun. Collado, Joanna Margarett H. Administering the Questionnaire.

Additional to entrepreneurship, why not teach your kids financial literacy? Its lack signifies the presence of complacency, the authoritarian limitation of viewpoint expression, or the absence of realistic alternatives to the existing circumstances.

Through this, graduates will be able to face the pressures of their future workplace. It depends on the value of education, not on the duration. The government allocated huge budget for this program.

Remember, if we want change in our society, we must start it with our education system. It is important for them to know the advantages and disadvantages of the program, because they will be the one providing the knowledge to the children.

The goal of education in the Philippines must be defined. Perceived Problems on K — 12 Implementation Many parents disapprove of the proposed K — 12 Education system by the Department of Education, as it is means additional burden for both parents and students, even more so for the marginalized sector of the community.

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Thesis about k to 12 curriculum in the Philippines