The themes of forgiveness and revenge in the house of the spirits

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After the coup, she helps victims of political persecution find asylum and works with local priests to help feed the poor. When young Este-ban comes to ask his grandfather for help in entering the police force, he molests Alba, recognizing "she embodied everything he would never have, never be.

Of course the use of the first person in those sections already underlines the subjective nature of those interpretations, but we now wonder if senility, wishful thinking, or deliberate reworking also color those sections.

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Because of fate, the heroes in The House of the Spirits are destined both to great and charitable acts and to their own destruction. By the time she gives birth to her daughter Alba, Blanca has discovered her husband's erotic photographs of the servants and has left him.

Thus a man who lived with so much passion and violence dies a peaceful death, "without pain or anguish, more lucid than ever and happy, conscious, and serene.

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After the coup he becomes a colonel and Alba becomes his private prisoner, there for him to "avenge himself for injuries that had been inflicted on him from birth. Pancha later dies of chicken fever, beyond the help of her father Pedro's remedies. One day, two of his friends try to cheer him up by taking him to the Christopher Columbus, the best brothel in the country. But unpossessive love is not complete, either, unless it is tempered with common sense. Although Rosa is not particularly spiritually inclined, she is born with the exquisite looks of a mermaid. What Do I Read Next? It is as though he wishes to make the retribution more exact, to rape someone as dear to Esteban Trueba as his own grandmother was to him. He felt like a father who has punished his children too severely. The consequences of the coup have taught him that his judgment is not perfect, and he is not so adamant in having his way. It has no beginning, no end, just a long list of causes and effects, repeating patterns and cycles as it stretches through time. The return to democracy was peaceful, although Pinochet retained his position as leader of the military and opposed efforts to prosecute it for human rights abuses. Transito's business, prostitution, does in fact belong to the underworld, although she conducts the most legitimate of brothels.

The political turmoil that engulfed Chile in the s after the election of "the Candidate" Salvador Allende is reflected in the increasing impact that political events have in the lives of the characters. Despite her continuing success, she remains best known for her first work, The House of the Spirits.

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Having been betrayed by his tyrannous grandfather, he becomes a dictatorial police colonel.

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the themes of forgiveness and revenge in the house of the spirits