The global container shipping industry

Overcapacity combined with the zero-sum nature of the demand side in the industry naturally spurred intense price wars as carriers looked to gobble up market share.

The meeting is also open for representatives from non-member ship management companies to participate as observers. Furthermore, the agenda included the presentation of the CSSF performance data of and adoption of the corresponding report.

The wave of consolidation among global carriers is also unfolding at the regional level. Open side containers are used for transporting vegetables such as onions and potatoes.

Global shipping industry outlook 2018

In James Brindley designed the box boat "Starvationer" with 10 wooden containers, to transport coal from Worsley Delph to Manchester by Bridgewater Canal. It puts bigger pressure on the ports and terminal operators. Moreover, six of the ten busiest container ports in the world are located in China. From a capacity perspective, the carriers certainly do resemble an oligopoly. On the other hand, carriers can control supply, especially now that nearly all capacity on the east-west trades is controlled by three alliances. Furthermore, the agenda included the presentation of the CSSF performance data of and adoption of the corresponding report. Who are the suppliers in this market? In some ports it results in conflicts and congestions and raises several operational questions. CSSF performance is measured using key performance indicators KPIs related to health, safety, environmental protection, and navigational safety. It has resulted in such revolutions as on time guaranteed delivery and just in time manufacturing. Rather, they are highly efficient tools for the carriers in terms of managing supply, and as such, shippers need to see blank sailings as a regular occurrence going forward and plan accordingly when negotiating terms for their contracts. There are currently no signs that this trend is slowing either, which means that by , only 16 of the top carriers from year might still be in existence. The container sizes are standardized to stack them efficiently during storage and transit. With this option the CSSF would like to attract also companies in this segment to work towards its vision of a container shipping industry with high safety standards ensuring no harm is caused to people, ships, cargo and the environment.

Many container ships have cargo cranes installed on them, and some have specialized systems for securing containers on board. Unlike conventional shipping, container shipping uses containers of various standard sizes—20 foot 6.

When the hull has been fully loaded, additional containers are stacked on the deck. What are the category growth drivers?

global container shipping statistics 2018
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