The dress that sang summary

However, just as soon as he placed on his hat to hide the beans, he saw Aso enter the room. The spirits said they would, but warned Anansi that if he disobeyed them again, they would not return to help him, and bade him leave before heading off on their own.

In the science fiction novel The Descent of Anansiby Larry Niven and Steven Barnesthe main characters manage to land a damaged spacecraft on Earth with the aid of a very strong cable made of crystalline iron and the "force" generated by tidal effects.

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Although he still didn't want to give up his stories, Nyame was not only a god of his word, but also deeply impressed by Anansi's cunning, so he rewarded the clever spider-being by making him the god of all stories. The funeral was a failure, so Anansi went ahead with his mother's burial.

The dress that sang summary

These were derived from African-American folktales in the Southern United States , that had part of their origin in African folktales preserved in oral storytelling by African Americans. Anansi then took their meat when the deed was done, and was able to feed his family with it. Soon, someone else noticed Anansi's cries and came to investigate them: Odenkyem the Crocodile. Soon, Aso began preparing Fufu for Anansi, but he told her it was not enough when he learned what she was making. Anansi worked day and night to fill Chameleon's hole with food and still the hole was not full. The next morning, it was time to preach but Anansi saw what had happened to his suit and was unable to meet the King and deliver his sermon. Anansi thanked them, and then returned to his home to prepare. Akwasi-the-jealous-one thus asked Anansi where he wished to sleep instead, but Anansi then made another excuse: the open room had to be in a house that belonged to Nyame. Anansi, however, was not satisfied and complained, saying that the fufu Aso had prepared lacked salt. He pointed Gun at them all while they remained oblivious to his true plan. Okraman asked the Spider which type of game he wished to play, and Anansi replied that he wished to play a binding game. Anansi asked his wife if she could clean his black suit so that it would be ready in time for the sermon, and she agreed.

The Chameleon had no way to prove that the land was his because he never had a road to his land. Anansi thanked Death for his hospitality, but was still curious how Death had acquired such an impressive amount of meat, and asked him afterward.

His parents had also conceived him there, so he was forbidden from sleeping in closed rooms.

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Anansi brought them each before Nyame, and Nyame called an assembly together so they could welcome Anansi and Nyame's sons. Odenkyem accepted this, and did not suspect Anansi's deception. Little did Anansi know that the Crocodile may have been motionless, but he was far from deceased. The funeral was a failure, so Anansi went ahead with his mother's burial. Gun is dead[ edit ] One morning, Anansi was very hungry and needed food for his children. Disappointed, Anansi wasn't sure what he'd do as he now only had one remaining wife, as she was too sick to help him. His younger son, Ntikuma, saw him go and followed him at some distance to see what he was doing.

The chief asked Chameleon to prove that the fields were his; Chameleon had no proof to offer. He first appears in "Static in Africa", where Static visits Africa, and the two join forces to fight the villain Oseba the Leopard.

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In the science fiction novel The Descent of Anansi , by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes , the main characters manage to land a damaged spacecraft on Earth with the aid of a very strong cable made of crystalline iron and the "force" generated by tidal effects. Anansi simply replied that she was welcome to have it as he didn't need it, and then informed Aso that she could feed any pets they possessed with it. Aso became suspicious and asked Anansi why he had not told her of the festival before; she reminded him that he had not eaten anything and advised the Spider to wait until the next day. Anansi then approached the Leopard, asking if he needed help. Yet, Esum did not know, and said its name was "Pona". Finding Osebo too weak to move, Anansi finished tying up the leopard and carried him away to Nyame. Anansi then dug a deep hole in the ground, covered it with brushwood, and waited in the trees overnight, knowing that Osebo would eventually stumble into the pit. Thus, instead of asking like he had before, Anansi returned to Death's village while he was away and stole meat from him. What are the values of trickster? So it is that Anansi has a bald head, from the airs he gave himself during his mother-in-law's funeral. As historian Lawrence W. Anansi the trickster is one of the most important characters of West African and Caribbean folklore. Anansi's jealousy of Dew caused him to bicker with his own mother for days, on all matter of issues. Anansi returned a third time to the Sky-Father and handed over the last of the captives, thus completing the labours Nyame had thought it impossible for Anansi to achieve. In the s people began collecting the famous stories and writing them down so that school children in Ghana could learn them.
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Anansi Stories: Trickster Spider from West Africa & the Caribbean