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Since the state stands for the maintenance of the rights of the citizens it is imperative that the citizen will perform his dudes honestly.

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Your voice is necessary. Be trained. Usually such issues inform people about significant changes, movements, and events. Party-Spirit: Party-spirit denies good citizenship. We shout from housetops that colour is the least important mark of a person. This is a must thing to do. Do it at least once in a month. Natural citizens: A person is called the natural citizen when he is a citizen by birth. To attain a little gain, a men refuses to stand in the queue for his turn but jumps the queue without concern what loss he was putting to others.

From the viewpoint of the ancient Greeks, a person's public life was not separated from their private life, and Greeks did not distinguish between the two worlds according to the modern western conception.

He is clean in habits and thoughts.

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For the same reason, a cine-goer buys cinema tickets from the black market and a motor driver overtakes the other car. Thereby he submits to the system of training which will make him conscious of his race and a member of the folk-community.

The foreign students or foreign teachers or foreign doctors or experts belong to this category.

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All communal riots take place for want of toleration on the part of the citizens. Our company also serves as a good example. There are many organizations which need money or other materials.

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He must not be idle, which is a parasite in the society. He owes his allegiance to the state. X cannot enjoy his rights. The rights of citizenship shall be conferred on every young man whose health and character have been certified as good, after having completed his period of military service. Remedies of Hindrances to Good Citizenship: To overcome the hindrances to good citizenship is not an easy task. The relation between the rights and duties is like the one between the toothbrush and toothpaste. This diploma must be a bond which unites together all the various classes and sections of the nation. The result is that their political mistakes are due not so much to passion or impulse as to contented ignorance of the points at issue. Lastly, and most important of all, a citizen should strive to develop a good character, for the sake of his country. But so long as a law is a law, be must obey it. True patriotism is necessary to the best type of national life.
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