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Aristotle described Pythagoras as a wonder-worker and somewhat of a supernatural figure, attributing to him such aspects as a golden thigh, which he showed to Abaris, the Hyperborean priest, and exhibited in the Olympic games.

It is written that Pythagoras was either forced to leave Croton or offered to leave the city prior to the assault. A philosophical belief of universal creation based upon the perfect harmony between numbers and nature Alcott was a pos tive truth, he was a library, magic wand. Pythagoras also developed the Pythagorean brotherhood.

The universe was controlled by the order, and even the sounds were functions of number and ratio. The Pythagorean having been brought up in the study of mathematics, thought that things are numbers, and that the whole cosmos is a scale and a number. Read more:.

Since he worked very closely with his group, the Pythagoreans, it is sometimes hard to tell his works from those of his followers.

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