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The members of society will benefit most, then, if managers do not impose their own values on a business, but instead devote themselves to the single-minded pursuit of profit and thereby to producing efficiently what the members of society value.

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The main purpose of the text is to provide you with a deeper knowledge of the nature of ethical principles and concepts along with an understanding of how you can use this knowledge to deal with the ethical choices you will encounter in the business world. As this description of business ethics suggests, the issues that business ethics covers encompass a wide variety of topics. Because corporate acts originate in the choices and actions of human individuals, it is these individuals who are the primary bearers of moral duties and responsibility. Eth- ics is the study of moral standards—the process of examining the moral standards you or your society or other societies hold in order to determine whether these standards are reasonable or unreasonable and how, if at all, they apply to the concrete situations and issues you face. Finally, indi- vidual ethical issues need to be solved through individual decisions and actions, and, perhaps, individual reform. These include questions about the morality of capitalism or of the laws, regulations, industrial structures, and social practices within which U. Kermit Vandivier, who was to write the final report on the tests, was also trou- bled. The project manager had repeat- edly promised his own superiors that development of the brake was on schedule and knew he would probably be blamed if the brake was not delivered as he had promised. Ensures complete understanding of the material. What can be said in their favor and what can be said against them? Morality So what, then, is morality?

Ask yourself whether, as an employee, you are more likely to loyally serve a company whose ac- tions toward you are fair and respectful or one that habitually treats you and other workers unjustly and disrespectfully. Ethics is a kind of investigation—and includes both the activity of investigating as well as the results of that investigation—whereas mo- rality is the subject matter that ethics investigates.

Thus, although the argument tries to show that ethics does not matter, it assumes an unproved ethical standard to show this.

Through this maturing process, you develop standards that are more rational and so more suited for deal- ing with the moral issues of adult life.

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Clearly, when companies are competing against each other for customers and for the best workers, the company with a reputation for ethical behavior has an advantage over one with a reputation for being unethical. The next morning I telephoned [my superior] and told him I was ready to begin the qualification report.

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Back in school I thought that when you were an engineer you tried to do your best, no matter what it cost. Take Vandivier and the B. They are questions about whether it is reasonable to apply various moral standards to their situation, whether it is reasonable to say that one moral stan- dard is more or less important than another, and what reasons we might have to hold these standards. We will return to this issue when we discuss moral responsibility toward the end of this chapter. Roy Vagelos, to allow his researchers to develop a drug that would probably not generate any profits. Because they are about serious mat- ters, violating moral standards is seen as seriously wrong and we feel that the obliga- tion to obey moral standards has greater claim on us than conventional norms do. Another example would be questions about the moral- ity of the international institutions with which Merck was forced to deal when it was looking for a way to get its cure for river blindness to the people who needed it most. Congress and testified about their experiences at Goodrich.

Table of Contents. Improves students' ability to reason about moral matters. My wife and I had bought a home.

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Instead, the valid- ity of moral standards rests on whether the reasons that support and justify them are good or bad; when moral standards are based on good reasons, the standards are valid.

Ethics, in contrast, is a study of moral standards whose explicit purpose is to de- termine as far as possible whether a given moral standard or moral judgment based on that standard is more or less correct.

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By age three, the child sees violations of moral norms as more serious and wrong everywhere, while violations of conventional norms are less serious and wrong only where authorities set such norms.

Vandiver decided to talk with the senior ex- ecutive in charge of his section.

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