Phenanthrene sythesis

ACS Catalysis7 7 Journal of the American Chemical Society17 Organic Letters15 4 Anne-Elisabeth Gies and, Michel Pfeffer.

phenanthrene tetraol

However, this reaction needs two equivalents of Grignard reagent, since one equivalent is "sacrificed" as a hydrogen acceptor. Jump to Scheme 4 Based on the above experimental results and the use of norbornadiene in Catellani reactions followed by retro-Diels—Alder reaction firstly reported by Lautens et al.

The combined organic phase was washed with brine, dried with anhydrous Na2SO4, filtered, and concentrated under reduced pressure.

Phenanthrene volatility

The coupling constants J are offered in Hz. Paul F. Solvents were purified by standard techniques without special instructions. High-resolution mass spectra were taken on Waters Synapt MS. Organic Letters , 16 16 , Bonifacio,, Charles R. We selected 2-iodotoluene and 2-bromo-4,5-dimethoxybenzoyl chloride as substrates. When the reaction of 2-iodotoluene 1a, 3.

DOI: The Journal of Organic Chemistry75 14 Synlett29, — Doty, Qingping Tian, and, John M. The Journal of Organic Chemistry73 2 Journal of the American Chemical Society49 The reaction tolerates a variety of substituents at the alkyne and at the biaryl species and proceeds in moderate to good yields.

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The synthesis of phenanthrenes