Phd thesis on labour welfare measures

Phd thesis on labour welfare measures

Minimize resource wastage by improving its processes and recycle such resources wherever feasible economically. Please specify the level of satisfaction with regard to food in the canteen a Highly Satisfactory [ ] b Satisfactory [ ] c Neutral [ ] d Dissatisfactory [ ] e Highly Dissatisfactory [ ] Only 12 percent of the respondents feel that service dress is not helpful to perform their duty. From a modest beginning of 53 kms between Mumbai and Thane, the railways have made a long journey and emerged as the principal mode of transport in the country. Percentage analysis test is done to find out the percentage of the response of the respondents. When he is required by a conciliation officer, court or tribunals to appear as an indefinite witness. Township 7. Sources of Information It is necessary for every research to have both primary data and secondary data, without which the research would be inefficient. Incentive for higher studies This scheme also includes the motivational scheme. In this study employee welfare refers to labour welfare. In every factory wherein more than workers are ordinarily employed there shall be provided and maintained an ambulance room containing the prescribed equipment. So also, the concept of welfare is interpreted from various angles. A sheet metal shop produces all sheet metal items required for the manufacture of under frame, side wall, end wall and roof. This was followed by acquisition of around acres including the lands at Yercard, Kuchikaradu and poolampatti, for the plant, railway siding, and township and external water supply scheme.

Even the most sincere employee cannot contribute his productivity is bound to increase when he is comfortable at the workplace and he is conscious of the welfare amenities. Its reservoir of human talent and expertise supported by the latest state-of-art the technology, forms the strength of its foundation.

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SSP can also supply hot rolled carbon steel in thickness of 1. Payment of gratuity Act The government has also passed the government of gratuity act under which employees in factories.

Research paper on labour welfare

The matters included in this study are not a reproduction from any source. The third groups of tertiary producers were the mini-steel plants, using electric, arc of induction furnaces and are very small in size. Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is the priority of every employee and the purpose of every job. Further, employees feel that MONET is the best channel for communicating company information and events among employees and their family members residing in the Township. Collections of data were analyzed and tabulated in a sequential manner and the interpretations are given along with the tabulation. The scheme covers every employee drawing as salary of Rs. ABSTRACT The present study was under taken with such a task in mind and it aims at unearthing the strengths and weakness of the welfare measures in integral coach factory chennai that is prevalent in the organization that sponsored this project work. Employees are also satisfied with various monetary facilities like festival advances, house building advance and vehicle advance provided by the company. Employees family pension scheme 3. Their capitals assets are approximately Rs.

In every factory wherein more than workers are, there shall be a provision for shelters, rest rooms, lunch rooms where workers can eat meals brought by them with provision for drinking water, however, any canteen maintained in accordance with the provision of Sec 46 shall be regard as part of this requirement.

Any work, whether manual or mental, which is undertaken for a monetary consideration is called as labour.

research paper on employee welfare measures

The characteristics of a work group may differ in many ways in different companies. India once again started exporting steel only in touching a figure of 1 million tones of pig iron and 1.

How do you rate the sports and recreational measures existing in the plant a Highly Satisfactory [ ] b Satisfactory [ ] c Neutral [ ] d Dissatisfactory [ ] e Highly Dissatisfactory [ ] If he is forced to work in inadequate light conditions or polluted air conditions, his output potential will decline.

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Railways set the face for industrial development, which depends on transportation.

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