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Jacob dahi rendtorff Also ethics plays important roles in the organization. Overall, the company has created a shared value system leadership, passion, integrity, accountability, collaboration, innovation, and quality by which they live by within the company and without. When it comes to brand value and numbers of sold cola beverages, Coca-Cola Co has a unique mar- ket share. Global Brands. When strife occurs, this leads to a shift from positive production to negative production. In evaluating which of its objectives is measurable we must turn to its portfolio to see if its objective to be a global seller is a reality or not. The result is the discovery of a Multi-cultural diverse market, this is because the market has splintered and big-universal brands no longer have any appeal. All the sources, from which information has been obtained for this assignment has being referenced as per Harvard referencing format, I further confirm that I have read and understood the Westford School of management rules and regulations about plagiarism and copying and agree to bound by them. Globalization can be referred as the benefit that is gain due to integration of countries in either economic or political reasons. Availability: - this has to do with the distributions channels of your product in which a consumer can easily reach and have access to it as of time of need at the right time. Traditionally, Coca-Cola is the main producer of cola in Germany followed by local products from dicount markets. Coca-Cola being a soft drink company, which operates in many countries of the world, came up with a strategy in their product mix by printing with special calligraphic which can represent the culture of that particular region like use the alphabets of the particular language being spoken in that region their product is sold.

And also Coca-Cola does the delivery of their product to retail outlets directly. The corporation has aroundemployees and PepsiCo is regarded very highly on multiple Forbes lists and is extremely popular around the globe.

The Coca cola formula was bought by Asa Candler he incorporated the brand in and know have up to brands in over countries serving daily with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Therefore there are some strategies that should be carefully analysed in other to guide the business to achieve its objectives Such as the internal factor and external factor of the target market.

The result is the discovery of a Multi-cultural diverse market, this is because the market has splintered and big-universal brands no longer have any appeal. In Con- sequence, the special situation of the beverage industry in Germany needs to be analyzed in order to find approaches for Pepsi-Cola to the consumer.

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New Business Model Information Integration: - this is the communication flow among the supply chain members this communication flow of data influence the performance of business. Coca-Cola also implemented the six sigma method that stand on the bases of improving communication from manufacturers, suppliers, retailers down to the consumers through an interface such ERP Enterprise resource planningCRM Customer relation managementand SCM Supply chain management applications.

Global Brands.

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