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When he gets to the part where police say they suspect it was a sex crime, Bigger feels his hand itch for a gun. Bigger wonders what Jan will say when the private investigator questions him. That was her game. At other times, however, Bigger seems blind to the expectations or desires of those around him—especially in his relationship with Bessie, whose feelings he rarely takes into account.

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Britten leads some of the reporters away to use the phone. For a moment he fears he may have to kill her, as the furnace is where he hid the body, but she sees nothing suspicious. Dalton and Peggy quite distinctly. Having invaded the Black Belt, they march from apartment to apartment until Bigger Thomas is found. He takes her to a streetcar, gives her money for the fare, and says goodbye. Dalton is worried. He thinks about how he will explain all of this when asked. He decides that Jan, Mary, and the Daltons are blind, and, staring at his family, he realizes that they too are blind. He wonders if he can sift the ashes down and make that work until the men leave. Among the slurs hurled, Bigger is described as "primitive" jungle thing. She can sense that something is wrong, that Bigger has something on his mind. He might soon be in jail. And in Book Three, we learn that Bessie survived the brick-blows to the head only to die of hypothermia in the air shaft, crawling in the direction of assistance. Continuing, Buddy says he ran into Jack, who said Bigger almost murdered Gus. Bigger stares silently around him, infuriated and bewildered that his family has to live in such griminess.

Bigger sense that he is in "a new world" and the changes occurring within him are irrevocable. He misses Bigger. For a second, he had felt towards Buddy the way he felt towards Mary when Mrs. All he needs to do is give the girl liquor and he can get laid.

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Dalton appears at the top of the stairs, the ransom note in his hand. He should work fast and use gloves.

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Britten wants to be sure Bigger is telling the truth and Mr. Bigger buys three bottles of beer—one for each of them—and leaves. He tries to convince Bessie to play her part but she says no.

A second motif is the idea of "flight. With anger and determination, Bigger writes his ransom note and signs it "Red.

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Native Son Book Two Summary and Analysis