Legal writing and research outline template

Start with the "Descriptive-Word Index" for the digest series you are using to find applicable Topics and Key Numbers.

Can grant certiorari to review cases from U. These integrate legislation, full text case law, and secondary source commentary in one searchable product.

legal research assignment

Sometimes you will jump back and forth between different sources. Once into the encyclopedia, cases citations are provided.

legal writing and research outline template

If that is not possible, note the jurisdictions covered by the secondary source you are using and remember that, although persuasive, it may not be an accurate reflection of the law in your jurisdiction.

Secondary sources will cite to primary law from other jurisdictions that may be relevant to your research issue. There are numerous examples of treatises. You should be able to identify the issues, have relevant statute and case law references, and begin to organize your analysis of the problem.

So, the example citation above would be: Hopkins v. Once a rule is found, read the formal statement of the law will sort of read like a statute and the following comments and illustrations. Applicable digest - West's U. Look at the spine of a volume to find the sections and time periods covered therein.

Clients freak out if you bill them for too much research time. Congress contained in the United States Code U.

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Introduction to Legal Research Outline