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Friends that are music majors are constantly in rehearsal, but other choose not to participate as much.

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The harder majors study more often. There are advantages when it comes to registering for classes and beyond! A few moved to Washington D.

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Being involved certainly helps as well. There are a lot of wonderful professors that have dynamic teaching styles, and a substantial amount of knowledge in their field. While some students find honors classes easier, others find them to be more time-consuming. There are a vast amount of intelligent and hard working students at KU. It also give their teacher more time to work with individual students after-hours. Many classes have weekly or bi-weekly papers, and some have only exams and finals as the only grades. Top Honors Colleges. Sometimes it seems like students can skate by in classes though, and I don't think thats fair. Many students have intellectual conversations outside of class. I am just starting to get into my major classes, and the few teachers I have had in my major seem to really engage the class.

A lot of this comes down to your own decision. Sometimes students hold intellectual conversations, but I think a lot of students are afraid of controversy, so they are less likely to converse about topics that others are more likely to differ.

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There are also some who seem apathetic about school though. Getting into the education program is competitive, the instructors and classes are top-notch, and everyone who works in JRP, the education building, is professional and helpful.

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How has KU propelled you into your current career?

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