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Participation in the traditions, collaborative activities, and organizational structure of your Greek organization can create valuable opportunities to contribute, coordinate and lead, which are all valuable skills for eventual participation in the workforce.

Pro: Philanthropy Perhaps one of the better kept secrets about Greek life is all the good that fraternities and sororities do.

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Once you join, those people become your closet friends. When contemplating Greek Life, take these benefits into consideration: Fraternity members are retained at a higher rate From friendships to exciting activities, there are several perks within a fraternity that encourage students to continue at their school for several years. What makes Greek life different is the history of each individual fraternity or sorority. Some of it may just be annoying or mildly demeaning. He works to prevent hazing in all forms of Greek Life. Lifelong friends: A dormitory's population changes dramatically every fall. Joining a Fraternity or Sorority: The Pros and Cons of Greek Life Last Updated: Feb 12, A new school year is fast approaching, and with it, the opportunity to determine how you wish to spend the rest of your college career. SHARE Facebook Depending on your family and friends, you may have been given very different opinions on Greek life, and while it's not for everyone, you should definitely consider the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority before you dismiss the idea.

Second, would I allow someone I care about to do the same thing? From club sports to campus-wide fundraisers, there is always something going on within the brotherhood.

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According to a study performed by Auburn University instudent retention rates were actually higher for those that were involved in Greek life. Organizations that have banned alcohol from their events will often charge a lower annual bill to members.

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Each year, roughly , of you will spend that time as part of a fraternity or sorority. Comments When incoming college students are first introduced to the idea of joining a fraternity, they often perceive the negative stereotypes that are displayed in the media. Pro: Networking Networking is an integral part of the college experience and Greek life provides one of the strongest foundations for social interfacing with a network of peers. Participate in Community Service For the typical college student, philanthropy is not always top of mind. Meeting New Friends Another one of the many benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority is that you'll meet new friends very quickly. They're mentored and led through the thickets of university bureaucracies by their older sorority sisters or fraternity brothers, and those close friendships tend to last a lifetime. The vast majority of hazing-related deaths have resulted from forced binge drinking. That said, your child's experience will vary depending on his academic priorities and his and his friends' willingness to go to the library or another quiet location if the frat gets too boisterous. Greek organizations are a great place to meet people from different background who have had different life experiences. But the risks of excessive alcohol consumption are not limited to new members, nor do they stop once pledging is over. There are currently more than nine million alumni of fraternities and sororities working out there in the real world.

Some chapters raise tens of thousands of dollars every year for their charity of choice while instilling a lasting appreciation for the value of philanthropy and community service among members.

Obviously, it goes a little deeper than that. Aid in desperate need: Here's one you won't want to think about, but when everything comes crashing down at home—there's a death in the family or a grievous injury—it's the sorority house that's going to get your child safely home with everything she needs.

And the food is nearly always better. Community service is one of the main aspects of fraternities and sororities. Academic Assistance Fraternities and sororities consist of students across all years of undergraduate study, from freshman to seniors.

By joining a fraternity or sorority, you'll have a large group of friends without even trying. For example, women who are seeking jobs in fields where they are traditionally underrepresented—like STEM fields—may find it especially helpful to connect to their sorority networks to hear from others who have come before them.

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What are the Benefits of Joining a Fraternity or Sorority?