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But why is it important to be organized? This forced me to obtain skills that I did not possess. Managers are important to organizations for their managerial skills and abilities.

Organizing your work is obviously the most important part about organization. According to Ward transformational leaders possess a distinctive ability to familiarize and realign their perspective to the dynamics of an ever-changing environment p. That is just one of those characteristics that came very natural to me.

Possessing multiple practical skills are what allow people to not be stuck figuring out and being puzzled over a problem, so without the push of learning practical skills people would be left…. I resorted to a creating a new schedule, however, I forgot to combine it with my personal schedule.

organizational skills examples for interview

Other strengths within the team include strong communication skills and abilities to multitask another critical skill with numerous demands and projects occurring simultaneously The promotion offered requires someone who can use a computer effectively, knowing how to fix and operate the machine when needed.

Any form of media open to me is usually closed or turned off to avoid procrastination.

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Goal setting, is another skill that I feel confident in. If you know how to plan something effectively and efficiently, then others will see you as an asset to the team.

They understand that, without adequate sleep, they won't be able to optimally perform the next day because sleep deprivation hurts productivity levels.

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Examples of Organization Skills