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The Glass Menagerie exposes the lost dreams of a southern family and their desperate struggle to escape reality. The struggle between wanting to live in a fantasy of dreams to escape the world, and accepting the hardships of reality has existed in society since the beginning of time When the unicorn loses its horn and becomes like the rest of the animals in the glass menagerie, it loses its uniqueness.

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She also points out that the unicorn does not complain of being different, as she does not complain either. The rainbow gives him hope, but it is proven that Tom actually never does leave his pain. The blackout which starts off the seventh scene is used to make the transition back and forth between hope and pain. The conversation turns to Laura's glass collection, when she remarks "glass is something you have to take good care of. In the drama, symbols play the most important role Each character retreats to their separate world to escape the cruelties of life. To what degree is the play memory and to what degree is it realistic.

Although it is obvious that the glass menagerie represents Laura because of her frailty, Tom, Amanda, and even Jim are exemplified too. Amanda,who is the domineering parent of Tom and Laura,lives in a fantasy world in which she was a young beautiful girl,living in an area called Blue Mountain.

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However, they pretend to be happy and content with their lives each one in their own way attempt to create this facade to conceal their true realities This can be seen when Amanda sends Laura to go to the store: Laura trips on the fire escape. Tom also tells us that he is going to give the audience truth disguised as illusion, making the audience conscious of the illusory quality of theater.

This is a characteristic that is able to be overcome, but just needs some assistance Ross 1. To Amanda, Jim represents the days of her youth, when she went frolicking about picking jonquils and supposedly having "seventeen gentlemen callers on one Sunday afternoon.

Finally, the symbol of rainbows is used throughout the story, but is less prominent and obvious than those of the fire escape and the glass menagerie.

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Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie