Essay on being polite

Actions like that come off as rude and not so typical.

origins of politeness

Now that we know what we are talking about it becomes quite easy to discern what the positive merits of being polite are — positive responses! A rude person can never be called cultured. Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example?

You want to be respectful, have a good tone, make eye-contact, look like you enjoy their presence, and be positive. Learn to listen attentively - pay attention to others while they speak — do not get distracted mid-conversation and do not interrupt.

If somebody offers you something use 'Yes please' or 'No thank you'. There's a problem with this paper. How are you? Acting kind to a fellow person is a fundamental aspect of being a good one yourself. See our page: Developing a Sense of Humour Practise good personal hygiene.

Incoming search terms:. The difference in these matters is so great between the East and the West, that it is very difficult for Europeans and Indians to meet in social intercourse without unintentionally offending one another.

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