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Every night for three weeks before the trip, my older brother Peter and I sat with my mother on her bed reading Greek myths and taking notes on the Greek Gods.

the person who influenced me the most is my mother essay

He always hold a strong willed character, trying to guide and nurture me into a great person for a better tomorrow. My influence is my one and only father. She is outgoing and get on well with people.

Revisit the paper to ensure that it has enough concrete examples. Can you think of someone who you could not live without?

A person who has had a great influence in my life

When I woke up, she still wasn't back. Whether it is my teachers, who were trying to inculcate a wide exposure of education to me, or my bosses, whom I have met working a part time job, has allowed me to change myself for the better. She is very thin but tall. I try to interact with him whenever every I get the chance. Hence I put in extra effort in my studies and co-curricular programs not only to make him proud of what I have done, but to make myself proud and prove to myself that I can be able to achieve what I though was impossible. I had no money so I couldn't go. There have been many people that have influenced me into who I am today. I not only came to love the excitement of learning simply for the sake of knowing something new, but I also came to understand the idea of giving back to the community in exchange for a new sense of life, love, and spirit. Edit wordiness and proofread several times, checking for distracting grammar, mechanical writing and spelling errors. Undoubtedly, he is a role model for everyone. My mother, Rosalind Russell, is the person who set my standards with her negative actions, but I was able to take those actions and turn them into a positive outcome.

They influence us by the way they live their lives. My mother's enthusiasm for learning is most apparent in travel. For me, there have been three influential people in my life who I love and cherish.

There is a saying that, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

influence essay example

Any type of essay. Have you stopped and thought about who inspires you? Never was I forced to go to school or to do homework, these were things I did on my own because I wanted to.

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The Greatest Influence In My Life Essay Example