E commerce and management information system

The managers at this level in Jumia. I was the primary proof reader of the report after it was compiled. Information Systems have a lot of capabilities; they can receive data, store it and also transmit it across many platforms.

All the above are challenges that affect the company in either way and they have to be balanced. This research has been very helpful to me in understanding the essential skills in managing, the power of information within customers, customer relationship, and the strategies in business, which will be a huge advantage.

If we had started the research on time we were delayed by the strategic manager of the case companywe could have come up with a better case study. Working in group was different to me. There are mainly three 3 kinds of managerial hierarchy in Jumia.

Also, another vital new entrant strategic barrier Jumia possess is a large number of top brand reliable suppliers. The strategic manager also makes sure that he takes the external factors into consideration to as to make use of them and with all the team of chief officers, they are able to make sound business strategies for the company to keep functioning well.

This style of trade also enables infant businesses to ease their way into the market without a lot of hiccups. Jumia survives on different sectors of its business processes and data warehousing is one of them, its multi layers frameworks extend through numerous levels of management.

The strategic manager Jumia is there to make sure the company achieves its mission and vision. It allows PDF version of manuscripts that have been peer reviewed and accepted, to be hosted online prior to their inclusion in a final printed journal. Be that as it may, there is the necessity to bridge on the Information System and procedures involving the business of Jumia.

uses of management information system in organisation
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Designing information systems for electronic commerce