Differences and similarities between the athens and spartans history essay

They wanted to own the Crete for themselves, so they conquered the whole land of the Crete. Two major forms of government existed during Ancient Greece: oligarchy and democracy People praised and of course adopted their Greek culture and scientific work.

Athenian Women Essay - Sparta and Athens are two city-states that clashed greatly with each other in Greece.

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Spartans directed their time towards their military capabilities while the Athenians were interested in comfort and culture. Conclusion In conclusion, though both Athens and Sparta were parts of ancient Greece, their societies were totally different from one another.

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Mycenaeans also built a city called colony. They had completely different forms of government.

Difference between spartan and athenian education

Athens emphasised education and fostered thought, philosophy, and the arts. The political decisions that the Gerousia made were carried out by five executives known as euphors. Throughout this section, you would be able to discover some backgrounds of Athens and Sparta in the Ancient Greece. The governments of Athens and Sparta were very different in their leaders and …show more content… The Council and Assembly would usually meet in the Agora, the central meeting place in the city. Sparta was focused on the strength of the state and on their military readiness and discipline. Category: Roman Culture. Athenian Women Essay - Sparta and Athens are two city-states that clashed greatly with each other in Greece. Eventually, Greek armies were defeated. These two city-states, Sparta and Athens have unique formations of government, histories, goals, as well as societies. Through analyzing the differences and similarities of each political philosophy, a conclusion will be made as to what forms of government were more effective for Ancient Greece, as well as how they apply to modern day government Their government was Totalitarian. These two great city-states found themselves in a controversy over who should be in control over the Eastern Mediterranean.

For some cases, women of Sparta even could have another husband if their husbands went off to the war for long time. This essay will discuss the many forms of government introduced by Ancient Greek city-states.

Sparta was known for its outstanding military strength and tactical abilities at war. Since both cities were created from the same initial idea, they had several similarities between the two from speaking the same language, to practicing the same religion. The women in Athens as well as those in Sparta would raise their sons and educate them until they were sent to school at the age of six or seven.

The Gerousia came up with all of the laws and political policies in ancient Sparta.

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In contrast, women of Sparta could hold all the right to own property by themselves regardless when their husbands were either nearby or went out for regular missions. Because of their bronze weapons, armor and chariots, Mycenaeans were able to dominate the Aegean Sea and the islands in it. The Spartans had an extremely powerful and supreme army due to the fact that their men were put through harsh, rigorous military training most of their lives. When they left house, they were always attended by slave. Most inhabitants were none-citizens such as women, slaves, and foreigners. Although Spartan women might enjoy more freedom as the Spartan men and might influence the men, they, as the women in Athens, were not allowed to vote in assembly. They ignored their enemy, which made them not to know about the major enemy, Barbarian, who had learned how to use bronze weapons and chariots. There were also other Greeks who lived in the cities of Thebes and Athens. They lived in the same lives with no freedom as Athenian women did; without the permission from their husbands, they were not allowed to step out from their house and they had to do the household chores cooking and weaving as Athenian women. As a result, they were not able to enjoy the same right as the citizen women. Then there was the court where there were no judges and the juries were very large, the archons which were the nine people with the most power before the assembly took it away from them. Their marriages, therefore, had long processes and required a lot of ceremonies to pass through. Women of Sparta had no such thing like this to judge on their ability in organizing their family. This essay will discuss the many forms of government introduced by Ancient Greek city-states.
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Comparison Between Women In Athens And Sparta History Essay