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Screenwriter Reginald Rose saw American society as crumbling amongst itself, and 12 Angry Men stands as a warning to Americans: remember your responsibilities, stay unified, and be understanding with one another, or the nation will fall.

He has taken the time to try to modernize and relate to the younger generations, rather than being ignorant and uninformed like Juror 9. The temperate person is moderate in his use of pleasures and does not let them take on an inordinate role in his life.

So this is an example of the actor observer bias.

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How was the confirmation bias used by the jurors? Both are present in the film. As the narrative progresses and Juror 8 Henry Fonda , the original lone vote for a not guilty verdict, presents information that dissolves testimony made in the courtroom, the individual definitions of justice start to appear. For example, the jurors failed to notice the significant details such as the way the old man walked with a limp, that the female eye witness had marks on her eyes that were caused by prescription eye glasses, and that the knife used to kill the father was actually not all that unusual. Obviously, many of the jurors had stereotypes about kids who grow up in slums—and who belong to certain minority groups. The twelfth juror does this in the beginning and encourages others to do the same. Rose wished to highlight this in the play, and did so by instilling fear in everyday citizens. De Sapio's essays on music, religion, and cultural history have been featured in Fanfare, Touchstone, and Crisis, among other publications. For example, the majority of the group had a belief in the moral correctness of their decision—they were punishing a bad person, they had a stereotyped view of the people who opposed them bleeding heart, do-gooders.

The widespread use of the film in schools has ensured its rediscovery by successive generations. Their estimates were of a normative value, typical to that group.

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Thus, when Cobb said it, it was just the situation that elicited this expression, but when the boy said it, it was an indication of his murderous rage. We turn again to Juror No.

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Marshall the accountant : The boys alibi was that he was at the movies when the murder took place. Is the American legal system set up to encourage it? Temperance has a wider application than simply pleasure; as Juror No. Lee J. According to a survey of Americans aged twelve or older, over A love for the pleasure of sports has overtaken Juror No. But as the jurors bring up points which contradict his point of view, he becomes overtly angry and vents his anger through bouts of abusive shouting; at one point, he yells a sarcastic remark at an elderly juror.
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