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He claimed that every society was based on power, which he defined as the ability to achieve desired ends despite resistance from others.

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Donald Black attempts to describe and explain the conduct of law as a social phenomenon. According to Crossman,social inequality is characterized by the existence of unequal opportunities and rewards for different social positions or statuses within a group or society.

Burris, V. More correctly, a system of representative democracy puts authority in the hands of leaders chosen by the people who from time to time compete for office Social Stratification in Belize 3 in elections Macionis, Consequently, three classes can be defined: land owners, that receive rent; owners of capital, that make a profit; workers, that receive wages ibid. They think they can count on their capitalist bosses to do what was best for them Social Stratification and Inequality, Strata are the levels or classes in society which are layered in a structured hierarchy with the least privileged at the bottom and most privileged at the top. Marx, K. According to Coby - , Plato divided society into three classes: philosophers, warriors and producers merchants, craftsmen. Sociological Inquiry, 40 2 , 13 - Berkley: University of California Press. Therefore, power is simply the ability to control resources in owns own interest. He applied the principle of continuum that is located within the boundaries of the highest to lowest in order to regulate classes Macionis and Plummer, Sharma, R. These social stratifications create different situations where people of different race, gender, age and ethnic groups interact with one another

Weber, M. There are a few different dimensions to this paper. Education Sociology: About.

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Stratification theories were also continued to be developed by various French sociologists in the th centuries, as Foucaultcited in McCarthy and Logue, - states.

What is it? Primary socialisation occurs from infancy to early adulthood.

One of the differences is that Marx's theory captures the class antagonism that is typical for the capitalist economy in mid-nineteenth century, as the theory has been introduced during this period of time. I'm not sure how to redefine it, unless Canada expanded its borders or something. Journal of Business Research. Hence, the fully formed social class can exist only when the members of society are aware of their social class and work together in the interests of the class. According to Marx, the bourgeoisie in capitalist societies exploit workers. What is Social Stratification? Inequality means that people have unequal access to the available scarce resources in the society. Although his theories are seemingly similar to Karl Marx, their theories are essentially different. However, the way of organisation of people in socioeconomic strata is not yet determined from the single point of view Bourdieu, 1 - However, discrimination on a whole affects social stratification. On the theoretical and practical existence of groups.
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Webers Theory on Social Stratification Essay