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Some scholars, however, have proposed some flexible and general guidelines that should be followed under this method. For example, rather than viewing change as an ending, which can invoke sadness and conflict, leaders can promote the language of change as a new beginning, which implies the creation of new organizational practices and identities. Pearson Educational Publishers. In this case, it is assumed the resistance to change is more of a psychological problem and to overcome it, one needs to change the mindset of the affected individuals and make them more receptive. Change can also produce positive reactions, such as boosting morale, increasing profits, or decreasing costs. The industrial revolution which started in Britain and spread to other parts of the now developed world initiated the scientific management which saw a shift from the traditional way of business to the new approach. It came into being as managers realized that the methods used then were inconsistent to responding to new challenges and opportunities. In order for many companies, organizations, or institutions to stay competitive in their fields, they must be prepared for change and the effects of that change. Over the last century, there has been varying approaches that companies have used in executions of their mandates. This could lead them to resist and oppose change initiatives that may come their way. Classical approach as is commonly referred to changed the whole perception on labour and that organizations were just made of individuals. Dent, E.

What is important is how a company can handle and overcome the resistance to change in order to accomplish this difficult process. Understanding the group dynamics is very vital while dealing with change.

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Effective change management involves aligning all enterprise resources — physical assets, know-how, technology and people — simultaneously, but with a different intensity at the organizational, work group and individual levels The scope of change widely lies in the implementation of integrated marketing strategy.

There can be internal conflicts between the members of the staff due to cultural issues. So, instead of telling your employees what to do and how to change, you pave the way for them to choose to do so by themselves. Changes are brought in to improve the organisations performance.

Along with this another problem that McDonalds may face is finding the right staff to drive this change that will be responsible to deliver these changes in department of marketing and communication.

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Once the project managers has informed and gained the vote of confidence then it is essential to manage the change and monitor the results as per the expected results. Personal counseling: If it is required at that point directing on an individual level ought to be led for taking out any feelings of trepidation identified with change management assignment help talks about this in detail. The management of the organisation should constantly analyse the current market trends and predict future scenarios, so that it can prepare itself for next set of change that will be required for the success of the organisation. Most of the time they may think that the change which has been brought is nothing to do with the issue or it may worsen the situations. Technology is growing at an alarming pace and things are changing at the blink of the eye. In the initial stages, there is a lot of denial which is followed by defence as people feel threatened by the new approach. It can be frustrating to managers if their efforts are not implemented by the subordinate staff. In this case, it is assumed the resistance to change is more of a psychological problem and to overcome it, one needs to change the mindset of the affected individuals and make them more receptive.

Its role is to implement new changes in the organisation in which it can be noticed that these changes ultimately bring innovations. Employees who are not involved with planning the change could lead to increased resistance and decreased motivation.

It is a responsibility of leaders that they need to identify the available opportunities into the business environment and have to make decisions accordingly.

change management models essay writer
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