Challenges of youths in our contemporary

problems of modern youth

As a result everyone was doing it, including kids. Alhendawi: Yes, I think we can take the example of Nigeria. Humans cannot overcome a serious problem such as poverty without addressing those three main causes.

issues affecting youth today

In this approach, police work together with citizen groups to identify problems affecting public safety in a particular location, gather data about that problem, design a strategy to solve that problem, and implement that strategy Cardora These are also some of the challenges that touch important aspects of youth development.

And guess what? How we can have solutions that could tackle issues related to relevant education without getting to understand how technology affects our lives today? Last but not the least, are the so-called love issues which have dramatically been on rise since the past few years but end mostly in the destruction of lives either by suicide or by eternal misery which renders them mentally unfit.

Schools play a major role in this endeavor, and therefore it is reasonable to expect that these places of learning would be safe havens for the children while they are preparing for adulthood.

how to solve youth problems
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The Top 10 Issues Facing Youth Today