Camera work in the graduate essay

Plot Summary No love triangle has ever been as awkward for characters or as intriguing for viewers as the one in The Graduate.

Camera work in the graduate essay

Anything wrong, sir? Ben: Oh, well, actually I'd just as soon find it myself and, just have a toothbrush to carry up and I can handle it myself. Ben: Oh no. It is your first time. Robinson: What would they say? He and Elaine run to the street and then climb aboard a local bus, she in her wedding gown, he in his ruffled, dirty street clothes. Benjamin: You? Ben: Wait a minute. Let's not talk at all. His mother encourages him to say hello to Mrs. We see that our hero is uncomfortable in this situation and nearly calls it off. But do you think we could liven it up with a little conversation for a change?

As he lays on top of Mrs. This obtrusive light makes the viewer feel uncomfortable for two reasons.

During their chat, Mrs. Ben no longer gives into the traps of those superficial forces around him but takes arms against the Mrs. As he does so, his world, and that of the screen, turns blue and cool. The ending of the film itself leaves the viewer feeling disconcerted. A new generation was rebelling against continuing standards set by the previous generation. Robinson to her daughter Elaine. Ben goes to Berkeley to convince Elaine to marry him. Robinson: It is, isn't it? That's it, isn't it? We see a pov shot from their perspective of the sedate crowd of passengers they pass by as the move to sit at the very back of the bus. Robinson starts to dress. The stakes are raised higher when Ben realizes that this affair is fulfilling him on a strictly physical level and has given him no emotional satisfaction from it. Braddock: Ben, what are you doing? Ben needs some release.

In a moment of despair the group decide to dump the body in a near by lake. Do you understand what I?

the graduate cinematography analysis

He is about to return home to a world of superficial people and this shot seems to be representing that visually. Robinson with her back to the camera is removing her necklace.

the graduate film analysis essay

Personaly, I believe that Nichols was trying to show us that they both were going for each other because it represented a way in which they could break from the controls of others.

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Film Analysis of "The Graduate" Essay