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How prevalent is binge drinking on college campuses

Binge drinking becomes addicting, especially for people under the age of twenty-one. Binge drinking is common and dangerous but is not a well-organized public health program. With an increase of alcohol consumption by underage drinkers, it only seems logical to lower the drinking age to prevent binge drinking, however there are far more consequences to be seen. Undergraduate students have the stigma of working hard during the week, and once the weekend comes they participate in risky drinking behaviors and activities. Up until the legal age for people to drink was eighteen, that age was then raised up to twenty-one in order to reduce the death rate of many teenagers who were dying because of alcohol related problems Many people feel that underage binge drinking has increase while others might disagree saying that underage drinking has decrease. In High School, people would binge drink on a regular basis, and that eventually carried over into collegiate life. In the years prior to the establishment of the law making happy hour illegal, it was recorded that alcohol-related crashes made up almost 50 percent of all fatal crashes in the state of Illinois

Org Pattern: Topical Introduction I. British Journal of Health Psychology, 11doi: Drinking with friends can seem more tempting than studying, feeling stressed out, bored or lonely, but as many students find out, the consequences are not worth the short-term relief. They can also provide states and communities with information and tools to put into practice prevention strategies that work.

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The rates of binge drinking among college students is nearly double the rates for high school students, which may indicate that the college environment encourages high risk drinking. Binge drinking in the past has been a major issue with college students, and has continued to become a social norm on college campuses all across the United States. This essay looks deeply in to the binge drinking problem The peer-pressured initiations of thise elite groups of students are binge drinking oriented. The students who consume at least five drinks in a row at one point during a two week period are considered Binge Drinkers. A Penn State student clung to life in the emergency room on her 20th birthday with a blood. The abstinence of alcohol on campus would bring back a healthy environment for learning, cut back on the alcohol "hangouts" around campus and clean up the community enbironment. Yet a tiny pub, located barely off campus on Gainesboro Street, is packed wall to wall with students. It is taking too much alcohol in a short period. Paul October 28, Binge Drinking On College Campuses Over the past few years, there has been this big debate about whether the drinking age should be lowered to 18 or if it should stay at The year-old freshman had just finished moving into Northeastern's Smith Hall, a dormitory on Hemenway Street for first year students, when one of his roommates decided that it was time to start drinking. There are many definitions associated with alcohol and alcohol abuse in general that need to be clarified. I am pretty close with them and I definitely value their opinion. A college campus is also where you can find a plethora of students who are not going to take their studies seriously, and will inevitably abuse their freedoms.

This article discusses the dangers associated with teen binge drinking and preventive actions that can be taken by parents. The theory of planned behavior and binge drinking: assesing the moderating role of past behavior withing the theory of planned behavior.

At age 18 people are legally an adult you are able to buy cigarettes and in california you are able to vote but in the eyes of science you are not fully developed until the age of 21 and some people are not developed until age 25, that is a big difference from 18 and should really be considered before even thinking about lowering the drinking age.

Lowering the drinking age to 18 will not solve the binge drinking problem among college students but will cause more problems There are many approaches colleges can take to decrease the problem, and many colleges are already getting a head start.

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