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But if hooks is deploying celebrity to reach a wider audience, as opposed to if she were writing in an abstract and theoretical mode on how to think and teach critically against dominator culture, then, hell, we need more celebrities like her. They take a long time to think through and prepare.

Why are women characters denied a complex personal journey? There, the teacher has first of all to reveal, to take away the veil covering many students' intellectual life, and help them to see their own experiences, their own insights and convictions, their own intuitions and formulations are worth serious attention.

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Women often have limited dialogue in the full scheme of the story. It is much more difficult to be a receiver who can help the students distinguish carefully between the wheat and weeds in their own lives and to show the beauty of the gifts they are carrying with them.

It is a project that teaches readers, while I am sure it taught hooks as well. Her work shows how women of colour have been marginalised by power structures in society as well as by White feminists who purport to speak about the universal struggle of all women.

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It is a call to readdress the biases that are engrained in our Western educational system as well as upbringings. It is the equal opportunity to be different as individuals that must be embraced and united against the monotonous monoculture of the dominating patriarchy.

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