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The scene in the tofu shop balancing a large slab of sweet bean curd the entire time is both spectacular and charming. She can choose the future her family has prepared for her, i. Here I wish to lay out different contexts of reading and reception of the Asian female action hero Eastern and Western broadly speaking.

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This sequence establishes Jen as a young woman who longs to be a fighter, just like Shu Lien. Let us know! This combination may confound certain western feminist perspectives, which see the two traits as mutually exclusive. Thus, she used her yin side and poisoned the teacher in order to at least get the manual. Acting, scenery, choreography, and story line made this an incredibly good movie. Here are some ways our essay examples library can help you with your assignment: Brainstorm a strong, interesting topic Learn what works and what doesn't from the reader's perspective. The film emphasizes a kind of matriarchy in representing sifu and student as women. With fighting as foreplay, they became lovers. What we have lost. These stories flourished in the seventeenth century C. My breathing came in rapid, wheezing gasps.

Li Bai himself sees great but undisciplined potential in Jen, and he wants to become her teacher so as to perfect her skills as a martial artist. Crouching Tiger displays the gender politics of a Confucian society that adheres to strict hierarchical rules that place women in subservient and secondary positions to men.

They are accompanied by extraordinary music: created by the well-known composer Tan Dun and, the cello solos at least, played by Yo-Yo Ma. Yes, yes, yes.

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In the second scene featuring an exchange between Shu Lien and Jen, Shu Lien reveals her relationship with Mu Bai and the unfulfilled love between them. At the end of U. They were also most often portrayed by female actresses. My throat burned as if a thousand white-hot needles had been stabbed into it and left there.

But the relationship between Lo and Jen may be interpreted as Jen upholding, rather than questioning, Confucian patriarchal order.

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