An analysis of the effects of chinas one child policy

The restriction should not be mandatory, but be based on the actual situation of the individual. The description of how normative the family structure had become, summarized one of the respondents, reflecting on her situation.

In turn, this can be viewed as a possible consequence of the OCP. To do this, researchers may need to build up a model and then analyze rich data sets to provide relevant empirical evidence.

one child policy facts

As noted before, the fines change over time; it is thus plausible to exploit these variations to identify the effects of the fines. This document devolved responsibility from the central government to the local and provincial governments.

This personality style impacts the plan and decision-making on whether to have a child or not. Due to the one-child policy, young employees are limited, and recruiting foreign labor is not sufficient to cover the needed workforce.

A potential limitation of the study is the population being well-educated Chinese women from urban cities and not taking rural areas into consideration.

It was the first time that family planning policy became formal law in China.

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The Effects of China’s One