A review of the book the peace child by don richards

A culture that has existed for several thousand years alone might be hesitant to change.

peace child summary

Not only did the Gospel come in and save their souls from eternal destruction, but it came in and revolutionized the culture, their ethics, value systems, and it reversed the curse of Satanaic darkness that had held this people in spiritual bondage for so long.

Generally, this article rebukes a noble man to stop being ignorant and hesitant to allow and embrace positive change in the society.

From the innermost God does change people. Within a few short years, the couple lands in the mountains of Netherlands New Guinea. The acceptance of Christianity changes the face of the Sawi village. This is mainly because the Sawi existed as a separate group for several thousand years hence its uniqueness, its own world view, its own legends and its own sense of humor. No culture is better than another culture 3. It was torturous and exhilarating to read the long and arduous path the Richardsons had to take to properly convey the grace of Christ. Madame Pasta is Italian, and she might be English—Mademoiselle Mars the book titled the peace child by don richards belongs emphatically to her country; the scene of her triumphs is Paris. Don Richardson almost faced hostility and rebellion when he tried to convince them otherwise. It had its own set of legends, sense of humor and its own world view but by the Christian world view was already sinking its roots deep into the Sawi mind. They are plainly independent developments. Is it thus they would gain converts, or make an effectual stand against acknowledged abuses, by holding up a picture of the opposite side, the most sordid, squalid, harsh, and repulsive, that narrow reasoning, a want of imagination, and a profusion of bile can make it?

The legend maker was authoritative in his own right in the society. Personal experience is hidden under social authority. When God wanted to speak to human beings, He did not send a tract or preach a sermon!

Kani, a relative of a man killed in retribution for Yae's murder, realizes that he must plan his revenge before the Tuans arrive among the Sawi.

A review of the book the peace child by don richards

The author relays events from the perspective of the Sawi and also some of their animals at times! That day, several young Sawi men, including the Richardson's servant, personally accept the gospel of Jesus.

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The book titled the peace child by don richards